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Umrah Services

Umrah Services

Our strength is our satisfied pilgrims, who experienced our high quality services. Our services are supervised by professional executives with experience.

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Turkey Tourism

Turkey Tourism

ISTANBUL - TURKEY TOURS & PACKAGES. We can arrange your Istanbul adventure in detail to make sure you get the most of your time during your visit.

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Pakistan Tourism

Pakistan Tourism

Pakistan named NO 1 travel destination for the year 2020. A paradise on earth for those, who wishes to experience adventure, beauty & culture at same time.

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Five Star Umrah Packages

We offer Five Star Customized Umrah packages.Which includes, Visa, Air Ticket, Transport and Hotel Accommodation

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Turkey Tourism Packages

We customized Turkey travel and Tourism for Families and Newly married couples for their Honey moon.

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Pakistan Tourism Destinations

Many options for the people who love to experience Nature, Beauty, Adventure, Rich Cultures and Delicious Food

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Our Five Star Accommodations in Saudi Arabia for Umrah Services

Accommodation has been purposely picked within close proximity, creating ease at every step of your journey. We have also made it compulsory that the standard is of the highest level since your comfort is our number one priority.

We have all hotels on board in the prestigious Abraj Al Bait complex, where you can witness the mesmerizing and serene view of Masjid Al Haraam, All our partner five star hotels in Abraj Al Bait Complex are located only 100 yards from the holy Masjid Al Haraam, overlooking the Ka’aba, as well as the entire Masjid.

We have all Five Star hotels on board in the holy city of Madinah, where you can witness the mesmerizing and serene view of Masjid Al Nabwi, All our partner Five Star hotels are located only 100 yards from the holy Masjid Al Nabwi, overlooking the Masjid Al Nabwi, as well as the entire Masjid.

Walking in the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in the most iconic places of the Holy Cities. Delicious dates, fresh fruits, unique gifts, blessed prayer mats and tasbeeh. Enquire for a personalized Ziarah itinerary. We provide professional guides to visit you all Ziarah in Saudia Arabia. Specifically in Makkah & Madinah.

Tourist Attractions in – Pakistan

Skardu (Urdu: سکردو‎, Balti: a city in Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, and serves as the capital of Skardu District. Skardu is located in the 10 kilometres (6 miles) wide by 40 kilometres (25 miles) long Skardu Valley, at the confluence of the Indus and Shigar Rivers at an elevation of nearly 2,500 metres (8,202 feet). The city is an important gateway to the eight-thousanders of the nearby Karakoram Mountain range. The town is located on the Indus river, which separates the Karakoram Range from the Himalayas. The name “Skardu” is believed to be derived from the Balti word meaning “a low land between two high places.” The two referenced “high places” are Shigar city, and the high-altitude Satpara Lake

The Kalasha Valleys (Kalasha-mondr: Kaĺaśa Desh; Urdu: وادی کالاش‎) are valleys in Chitral District in northern Pakistan. The valleys are surrounded by the Hindu Kush mountain range. The inhabitants of the valley are the Kalash people, who have a unique culture, language and follow a form of ancient Hinduism. As such, the Kalasha Valleys are a source of attraction for Pakistani as well as International tourists. There are three main valleys. The largest and most populous valley is Bumburet (Mumuret), reached by a road from Ayun in the Kunar Valley. Rumbur is a side valleys north of Bumburet. The third valley, Biriu (Birir), is a side valley of the Kunar Valley south of Bumburet

The earliest history of the Hunza Valley can be traced to the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata. During the Mahajanapada era of ancient India, the area came under the influence of several major ancient Indian kingdoms, mainly the Kingdom of Kapisa, Gandhara and possibly Magadha, among others. Buddhism came to the Hunza Valley in the late 7th century. Buddhism and Bön, to a lesser extent, were the main religions in the area. The region has a number of surviving Buddhist archaeological sites such as the Sacred Rock of Hunza. Nearby are former sites of Buddhist shelters. Hunza valley was central as a trading route from Central Asia to the subcontinent.

Murree, Urdu: مری‎, marī, meaning is a mountain resort town, located in the Galyat region of the Pir Panjal Range, within the Rawalpindi District of Punjab, Pakistan. It forms the outskirts of the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area, and is about 30 km (19 mi) northeast of Islamabad. It has average altitude of 2,291 metres (7,516 ft). Construction of the town was started in 1851 on the hill of Murree as a sanatorium for British troops. The permanent town of Murree was constructed in 1853 and the church was consecrated shortly thereafter. One main road was established, commonly referred to even in modern times, as the mall.

The northern part of Azad Jammu and Kashmir encompasses the lower area of the Himalayas, including Jamgarh Peak (4,734 m or 15,531 ft). However, Hari Parbat peak in Neelum Valley is the highest peak in the state. The region receives rainfall in both the winter and the summer. Muzaffarabad and Pattan are among the wettest areas of Pakistan. Throughout most of the region, the average rainfall exceeds 1400 mm, with the highest average rainfall occurring near Muzaffarabad (around 1800 mm). During the summer season, monsoon floods of the rivers Jhelum and Leepa are common due to extreme rains and snow melting.

Swat District (Pashto: سوات ولسوالۍ‎, Urdu: ضِلع سوات‎) is a district in Malakand Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. Swat is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty. Centred upon the upper portions of the Swat River, Swat was a major centre of early Buddhist thought as part of the Gandhara kingdom, and today is littered with ruins from that era. Swat was home to the last isolated pockets of Gandharan Buddhism, which lasted until the 10th century, well after most of the area had converted to Islam. Until 1969, Swat was part of the Yusafzai State of Swat, a self-governing princely state.

Religious Tourism in Pakistan

Gurdwara Panja Sahib (Urdu: گردوارہ پنجہ صاحب‎) is a famous gurdwara located in Hasan Abdal, Pakistan. The shrine is considered to be particularly important as the handprint of the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, is believed to be imprinted on a boulder at the gurdwara.

Nankana Sahib (Urdu: ننکااݨا صاحب) a city and capital of NankanaSahib District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is named after the first Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak, who was born in the city & first began preaching here. Nankana Sahib is most important religious site for the Sikh religion.

Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur, Narowal District, in Punjab. It is built on the historic site where the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, settled and assembled the Sikh community after his missionary travels (udasis to Haridwar, Mecca-Medina, Lanka, Baghdad, Kashmir and Nepal.


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Atrium Horizons (Pvt) Ltd. Trading, Import & export Division

Emergency Supplies to Humanitarian Sector.

Our Core Area of work

We are supplying shelter solutions, core relief items, solar products, multipurpose tents and mobile storage units to UN agencies, NGOs and international organizations worldwide. As a key player in the humanitarian community, we strongly embrace responsible business practices, a sustainable supply chain and accelerate product development.

Our Capacity

We are based in Islamabad – Pakistan, have been supplying goods and services to international humanitarian and relief organizations around the world. Besides emergency relief, we are also involved in baby care, general trading, imports and exports, logistics, and warehousing.

Linen & Cotton Products

We are one of leading exporter of Linen and cotton products from Pakistan. Our Clients includes world leading hospitality organizations.

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