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Tour Overview

Skardu Tour combines the thrill of touring in the Glacial mountains of Karakoram and the Himalayas with the pleasure of exploring the ancient culture, history and the traditions of Skardu, Pakistan. Our Skardu Tour is a true authentic Holiday, where you will experience world famous climbing and Trekking routes, the Ancient Silk Route which is also known as The Karakoram Highway and the Himalayan kingdom of Baltistan. Skardu is located at the elevation of nearly 2,500 metres, along the bank of Indus which separates the Karakoram Mountain range from the Himalayas. Skardu is the getaway to K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum i, Gasherbrum ii, Masherbrum, Spantik, Hispar Glacier, Trango Towers, Baltoro Glacier and many other world famous peaks.

Since many years Atrium Horizons  have been offering Skardu Tour for families, couples, groups and university students from around the worlds. Atrium travels and Tours operates a 10-13 days Skardu Tour, we can also customise Skardu Tour itinerary according to your needs and available time.

Skardu Tour starts from Islamabad, our representative will Meet and Greet you at Islamabad international Airport then transfer you to the hotel for a rest. We will meet again in the afternoon over dinner to give you a briefing about the Tour. Following day your will head towards Naran town by passing through some culturally rich and historical cities, Taxila, Hasan Abdal, Haripur, Abbott Abbad and Mansehra. From Mansehra you will leave Karakoram Highway and turn right to join Naran Road. Naran Road runs along the Naran river in the Panoramic green Naran & Kaghan Valley. Night stay in Naran then next day you will continue your journey on Naran Road, cutting through the heart of the rugged Kaghan valley to Babusar Pass (4,067m). The colourful array of mountain flowers in these valleys provide a scenic backdrop on this alternate route to Chilas. Chilas appears to be an ‘oasis in a desert’ with a unique charm. Here you will have a magnificent view of the three world highest mountain ranges: Karakoram in the north, Himalayas in east and Hindu Kush in west. From Chilas you will rejoin Karakoram Highway with the view of Nanga Parbat in the background. Just before Gilgit, you will turn right to follow Skardu road along the Indus River to reach Skardu. Skardu is the capital of Baltistan valley and getaway of many famous Peaks including K2. Baltistan was one of the oldest Himalayan kingdoms before being incorporated into Pakistan. It lies in the very heart of the mountains, comprising the northern edge of the Himalayas and nearly the entire Karakoram range. You will spend some time in Skardu to explore the town, visit the local Bazar, walk to Kharpocho fort and experience the wild ancient Polo match. After spending two nights in Skardu, you will continue your Skardu Tour towards Khapulu by following the Indus then Shyok river to Khaplu valley. Khaplu is one of the biggest and beautiful towns of Baltistan. in Khaplu, you will be staying at the Khaplu fort (now Serena Hotel), which is the former residence of royal family of Khaplu. You will spend two days in Khaplu, exploring the local bazar, historical Chaqchan mosque and neighbouring villages. After visiting Khaplu, you will head back to Skardu via Shigar Valley. You will have lunch in Shigar fort (Serena Hotel) then drive to Skardu for the night stay. From Skardu you will continue your tour to Astore via Deosai Plateau. Deosai is the world second highest Plateau which is home to Himalayan brown bear and many other wild species. Night stay in Astore and next morning drive along Astore river to join Karakoram Highway. You will stay on The Karakoram Highway for a short period then turn left to join Naran Road to reach Naran Town. After spending the night in Naran, today will continue to Islamabad via the panoramic Kaghan Valley, Mansehra, Abbot Abad, Hassan Abdal and Taxila. One night in Islamabad then we will transfer you to Islamabad Internationale airport for your return flight back home. Please make sure to book your return flight on the last day of our Skardu Tour travel Itinerary.

Now is the perfect time to explore Skardu and Pakistan when its is still raw and hidden away from the mass tourist. We strongly believe that our local knowledge, experience and carefully crafted “Skardu Tour” will create an amazing lifelong memory for you.

Tour Plans


Welcome to Pakistan. Most of the international flights arrive at Islamabad International Airport in the morning. Your Guide will meet and greet you at the airport, then transfer you to the hotel. Rest of the days is free to recover from your journey. Later in the day, when everyone has arrived, we will have a group briefing about the Skardu Tour. Depending on the time available to us, there may be an option to do some sightseeing in Islamabad, A purpose-built City in 1961 as the new capital of Pakistan.

Day – 2 DRIVE TO NARAN (461km) 8-9 HOURS:

After Breakfast you will leave the purpose-built Capital City Islamabad behind and start your Skardu Tour towards the North on the Karakoram Highway in a mini coach. You will pass through many lush green valleys and small towns to a luxury hotel in Naran Town. Spend the night in Naran.

Day – 3 DRIVE TO SKARDU (265km) 7 HOURS:

After breakfast you will continue your Skardu Tour by following the Karakoram Highway with the view of Nanga Parbat (8,126 m) in the background. The road gradually gains height but one does not feel it until you reaches Alam Bridge. After 2 hours drive, at Alam Bridge you will leave KKH behind and follow the Indus River to reach Skardu. Along the Indus river there are many small villages which are laden with fruits like apricot, cherries and apple trees. You will be doing few stops along the way for tea breaks and purchase some fresh fruits from the locals. Night stay in Skardu.

Day – 4 SKARDU TOUR(2,230 m):

Skardu is the Capital of Baltistan Valley of Pakistan. Baltistan was one of the oldest Himalayan kingdoms before being incorporated into Pakistan. After breakfast your Skardu tour will begin by a half an hour drive to Sadpara Lake to enjoy the breath-taking scenery of this crystal clear blue water lake. Sadpara lake is the main drinking water source of Skardu city. After visiting Sadpara Lake, on the way back to Skardu, you will visit the 8th century Manthal Buddha Rock, it is a large granite rock on which picture of Buddha has engraved. Manthal Budha Rock is the reminder of Buhisim religion existence in the region. Lunch in Skardu town then you will head towards Kachura village to visit Kachura Lakes. In Kachura Village, there are two incredibly beautiful lakes, Upper Kachura and Lower Kachura Lake. Uppe Kachura lake is a still water lake surrounded by the giant pillars of the Karakoram mountains. The lower Kachura lake is also known as Shangrila lake, it is within a tourist resort and hotel named Shangrila Resort. You will have lunch at one of the chosen lakes then drive back to Skardu Town. In the town you will have some free time to explore the local markets before dinner at your hotel.

Day – 5 DRIVE TO KHAPLU, (103km) 2-3 HOURS:

Today you will continue your Tour towards Khaplu along the Indus then Shyok River. You will pass through some lush green Balti Villages to arrive in Khapulu. Khapulu was the second-largest kingdom in old Baltistan of the Yabgo dynasty. It guarded the trade route to Ladakh along the Shyok River. In Khaplu you will be staying at Serena Hotel. The ex Royal Palace has now turned into a Luxury Hotel.


After spending the night in the ex royal palace, you will head out to visit the local bazar, explore the town and see the Chaqchan Mosque. Chaqchan Mosque, Dating from 1,370, is one of the oldest in the region, it dates from the time when the area’s populace converted en mass from Buddhism to Islam. Chaqchan Mosque remains open (except friday prayer time) 24 hours and seven days a week.


Today you will head back to Skardu via Shigar Valley. You will follow the Shyok, Indus than Shigar River to reach Shigar. Shigar is a lush green Valley and it is the getaway to K2 and many other famous Treks and peaks. In Shigar, you will visit the historical Shigar fort, which is now turn into a museum and Luxury hotel (Serena Hotel). It  belongs to the same brand of Khapulu Palace hotel. You will have a nice lunch in the beautifully decorated ex royal garden before heading back to Skardu. You will have the option to spend the night in Shigar for or in the same hotel in Skardu.

Day – 8 DRIVE TO ASTORE (152 km) 7 HOURS:

After Breakfast you will head towards Astore via Deosai Plateau. Deosai is 1 hour drive from Skardu and its the second world highest altitude plateau in the world. Deosai (4,111m) is home to snow leopards, Himalayan brown bear and many other wild species. Road to Astore will be uneven which can be bumpy. We will stop in Deosai for lunch and tea breaks.

Day 9 – DRIVE TO ISLAMABAD (501 km) 9-10 HOURS:

Today you will follow Astore river to the junction point of Karakoram Highway then continue your epic journey on Karakoram highway for a while then turn left and drive on Naran Road to Naran Town for lunch break. After lunch we will continue towards Mansehra city to re join The Karakoram Highway. Karakoram Highway passes through some culturally rich and historical towns, Abbott Abbad, Hasan Abdal and Taxila. Taxila is an important archaeological site of ancient India, situated about 32 km north-west of Islamabad. The origin of Taxila as a city goes back to c.1,000 BCE. Some ruins at Taxila date to the time of the Achaemenid Empire in the 6th century BCE.


After breakfast you will be transfer to Islamabad International Airport for your flight back home – End of “Skardu Tour”.

Tour Highlights

  1. Explore the beauty of Islamabad, Naran and Deosai
  2. Discover the ancient Baltistan Valley in Skardu Tour
  3. See medieval Kharpocho, Shigar and Khaplu Forts
  4. Spectacular views of Karakoram and Himalayan Mountains
  5. Drive on the famous Karakoram Highway, Pakistan
  6. True authentic Travel experience
  7. Sneaky view of Nanga Parbat (8,126 m) from KKH.
  1. Professional Culture Guide. (Government requirement)
  2. Airport transfers for Domestic & international flights.
  3. Internal flights and associated airport transfers
  4. All land transport involved in the itinerary
  5. Accommodation as described
  6. All meals
  7. All permit fees.
  1. Travel insurance
  2. Pakistan Visa Fee
  3. Tips for local guides and support staff
  4. Miscellaneous expenses11
  5. Souvenirs etc

PLEASE NOTE: an airport departure tax of Rs1500 is sometimes payable

Tour Details

Package Standard
Price March- May$ 1,700 per person
Price June-August$ 5,700 per person
Discountfor Groups min 10 PAX
Hotel3-5 Star
InsuranceNot Included
Medical First Aid Medical available
Five Star Packages AvailabilityYes

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